Environmental management

Our approach

The majority of Kelda companies operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to the international standard ISO14001. We use these management systems to identify and manage environmental risk and opportunities for efficiency.

Kelda’s top level commitment to environmental performance can be found in our Environmental Policy.

For more information on Yorkshire Water’s EMS please visit our Yorkshire Water website:

Yorkshire Water's EMS

Environmental investment

Kelda Group is committed to investing in the environment. We believe that sustainable operations are those that drive efficient resource use and provide a healthy environment. As a company we strive to act as responsible stewards of the environment and commit to continual improvement.

For details of Yorkshire Water’s investment in the environment visit our Yorkshire Water website:

Yorkshire Water's environmental investment

Working in the community

The Kelda Group actively supports employee volunteering, and many of the projects offered to colleagues enable the development of the natural and built environment. This has been achieved by offering a wide range of projects for colleagues to get involved in and through partnership working with the RSPB, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and The Canal & Rivers Trust.

Working with our partners

We seek to use environmentally responsible suppliers and contract partners and to work with them to encourage environmental improvements.

Many of Kelda Group activities are carried out in conjunction with contractors, meaning that they play a critical role in the company's environmental performance. We therefore work particularly closely with our biggest contractors in a partnership approach, rather than just a contractor and client relationship.

In line with our strategic business objectives we must consider the economic, social and environmental sustainable factors in the goods and services we procure. The Sustainable Supply Chain Policy demonstrates our commitment to achieving this.