Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is 'Taking responsibility for the water environment for good'
This captures what we want to achieve as a company across the whole of the Kelda Group. Water and serving water customers is what we do. It’s our job to look after this valuable and precious resource from source to sea. The long-term sustainability of water is fundamental to the long term sustainability of our business.

Water and serving water customers is what we do. It’s our job to look after this precious natural resource from source to sea. The long-term sustainability of water is fundamental to the long term sustainability of our business.

To this end, our vision is 'Taking responsibility for the water environment for good.'

Our strategic objectives


Taking responsibility for the water environment for good


These are our six strategic objectives that shape everything that we do:

  • A trusted company – the way we do business means our products, services and promises are trusted by all our stakeholders now and in the future.
  • Safe water – we protect public health and make sure water is safe to drink. We ensure water does not harm our customers or communities at any point in the process.
  • Excellent catchments, rivers and coasts – we maintain and improve the environment from source to sea.
  • Water efficient regions – the way we operate and influence others creates water efficient regions.
  • Sustainable resources - the business uses sustainable resources, gets the most out of them and reduces emissions and waste.
  • Strong financial foundations – we deliver our services to customers at a price they are willing and able to pay, whilst providing investors with returns that attract long-term investment.


What we focus on

Kelda's strategy remains unchanged. Our focus is on improving the efficiency and performance of our core businesses, using our expertise in water and waste water services to develop long term, non-regulated income streams which add shareholder value.

Our shareholders

We are committed to creating enduring shareholder value by a focus on efficiency in everything we do. Our goal is to deliver consistently good financial results by out-performing regulatory and other financial targets and delivering efficiencies across the group. We will achieve this by sharing best practice, employing world-class technology and growing our non-regulated activities.

Our customers

Our aim is to provide a quality of service which is significantly better than any other utility and at a price which represents good value for money. To achieve this we will aim to design our service from the outside in, considering the customers' points of view and eliminating service failures. This will lead to improved financial and operational performance and an enjoyable customer experience.

Our people

Kelda employs over 3200 people. Our aim is to create a great place to work, a good work-life balance and the opportunity to make a real difference. We want to attract and retain the best people, with performance and contribution recognised and rewarded and success celebrated as part of our culture.

Environmental leadership

Kelda deals with environmental issues as diverse as catchment management, sustainable water management and river water and bathing water standards. Our performance affects all customers and everyone who lives in the regions we serve. Our aim is to achieve 100% compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and to go beyond compliance where the benefits exceed the cost.


Our aim is to make a difference to society, opening up land for public enjoyment and promoting the value of water for health and nutrition in schools. We provide a culture where employee participation is the norm, encouraging our people to get involved in community volunteering and external leadership roles and in influencing matters relating to water.

Service partners

Kelda works in close partnership with its service providers. Our aim is to achieve win-win-win, which means better customer service, lower costs and healthy profits for all. To make this happen, we are looking to set clear expectations and encourage new ideas and innovation.

Our Values

To deliver our vision, we need a consistent way of doing things right across Kelda. The following statements describe the way we need to do things to achieve our new vision together.

We pull together

We know we pull together really well in a crisis, but sometimes don’t do this as much during our everyday work. The challenge for us is to work together towards a common goal every day.

We plan ahead

We currently plan ahead in short cycles, rather than thinking longer-term. Focusing on this will make us less reliant on ‘heroic recovery’ and deal with issues in a more planned way – looking ahead to our challenges and opportunities.

We can’t do this on our own

No-one has all the answers. We work better if we work together across teams, business units and with external stakeholders, customers and other agencies in the water industry. This shows we’re not arrogant and recognise that we work best when we have the support of others.

We think outside the pipes

This is about thinking differently in terms of how we do things to improve the way we work. The intention is to drive new thinking and encourage creativity.

We all make a difference

Everything we do during the working day can have an impact on the people around us - colleagues, customers and partners. The intention here is for all of us to make a positive difference all of the time.

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