Kelda Group's Investors

GIC Special Investments

Ownership: 33.56%

GIC Special Investments (“GIC SI”) is the private equity investment arm of GIC (previously known as the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd). GIC SI manages a diversified, global, portfolio of fund and direct investments in private equity, venture capital and infrastructure.

Corsair Infrastructure Management

Ownership: 30.32%

Corsair Infrastructure Management is a division of Corsair Capital that serves as a capital
custodian for investors in infrastructure companies.

Deutsche Asset Management

Ownership: 23.37%

Deutsche Asset Management is the manager of the Pan-European Infrastructure Fund L.P.'s
23.37% stake in the business. Deutsche Asset Management's infrastructure investment business
is one of the world’s largest fiduciary infrastructure fund managers and, as part of Deutsche Asset
Management's Alternatives platform, the business has over €19 billion in assets under

SAS Trustee Corporation

Ownership: 12.75%

SAS Trustee Corporation (“STC”) is the trustee of certain New South
Wales public sector superannuation schemes with net assets of approximately A$41bn as at 30
June 2016. STC’s investment is managed by the NSW Treasury Corporation which is the
financial markets partner of New South Wales public sector agencies.