Welcome to Kelda Group

The Kelda Group provides water and sewerage services to domestic and business customers across the UK.

Kelda’s main subsidiary is Yorkshire Water, which provides water and sewerage services to 4.7 million people and 130,000 businesses in the Yorkshire region. Its activities are regulated by the Water Services Regulation Authority, Ofwat. Use this link to access the Yorkshire Water website.

Kelda Water Services (KWS) manages Kelda’s non-regulated water and waste water contract operations. It is now the second biggest player in the UK market for outsourced clean and waste water services. Use this link to access the Kelda Water Services website.

Kelda Water Services Retail offer quality, integrity and partnership but it is never just about the technologies behind our solutions in water. It is about the structure, delivery and even the financing of those solutions, and about giving our customers a level of convenience they never knew was possible. To find out more click here

The Kelda Group was delisted from the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008, following acquisition by the infrastructure fund, Saltaire Water.