Making a positive difference in our community

Our Community Principles

The Kelda Group provides local communities with much more than just high quality water and sewerage services.

We have an extensive engagement programme, providing support and help-in-kind to a wide variety of different organisations across the communities we serve. These partnerships are of enormous important to us in terms of forging stronger links and by making a tangible and positive difference to the quality of people's lives.

We provide this support in three key areas:

We aim to do this by:

The Kelda Group does not partake in any commercial initiatives in the community.

Our Community Management Targets and Outturns for 2014/15 were:

1. Impact of our extensive capital investment programme

2. Impact of our extensive capital investment programme

3. Supporting customers in respect of price rises, affordability and water poverty by:-

4. Creating greater awareness and building understanding of our services by:

5. Demonstrating our large environmental responsibilities, sustainability and conservation by:

Our community management targets are reviewed annually during our business planning process.